On behalf of the Griffith Institute for Tourism (GIFT) and the Griffith Tourism Confucius Institute (TCI), we take pleasure in inviting you to participate in the “G20 First East-West Dialogue on Tourism and the Chinese Dream” at the Crowne Plaza Hotel on the Gold Coast from 13 to 15 of November 2014.

This conference recognises that the bilateral economic and trade relationship between Australia and China is continuing to expand. Tourism plays a major part in this. The aim of this conference is therefore to enhance the mutual understanding between the two cultures, and to build synergies between Australia and China in tourism development. It will do this by bringing together over 100 Australian and Chinese government, education and research institutions, and tourism industry representatives, and private citizens with a deep knowledge of tourism, to discuss and debate key issues impacting on the relationship between tourism and the Chinese Dream. The conference coincides with the opening of the G20 Summit in Brisbane. (Please see other G20 activities led by Griffith University).

Griffith University is acknowledged internationally as a leader in the development of tourism education and research. Our achievements in tourism have been made possible through a global collaborative network with numerous partners, including a large number of institutions in China. To further advance these achievements, the University established its Griffith Institute for Tourism (GIFT) at the beginning of 2014. The GIFT encompasses a broad research program dedicated to globally relevant sustainable tourism and will deliver both breadth and depth in tourism research. The Tourism Confucius Institute (TCI) at Griffith University is the first and only Confucius Institute with an emphasis on tourism. In addition to promoting the learning of Chinese language and culture at Griffith University and in the broader community, the Tourism Confucius Institute seeks to build and deepen links and collaborative opportunities with China in the field of tourism, given the growing amount of travel between the two countries. 

The topic of the conference is the “Chinese Dream”. The Chinese Dream is a concept that has been brought to prominence by Chinese President Xi Jinping. Essentially, it is a culmination of the traditional Chinese philosophy of dedicating oneself to the well-being of family, country and the world and as such is a fitting theme for the Dialogue. There has been no attempt yet to examine tourism in explicit regard to the Chinese Dream, even though this sector is expanding more rapidly in China than just about any other country. The Dialogue will be the first occasion for examining this relationship in a high profile, systematic and integrated manner, so that tourism can be better planned and managed to achieve the aspirations of the Chinese Dream. It will consider the relationship from its domestic, outbound, and inbound perspectives and will include political and strategic issues, policies, and social and cultural developments in the tourism area.

The conference will provide the opportunity to discuss topics that relate to China tourism both more broadly and for the Gold Coast. The platform of the conference is unique in that it brings together academics from Australia and China, tourism industry managers and policymakers. This focus on China-related tourism and business realities will be very fruitful for the Gold Coast and Queensland.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to our conference.

Prof Susanne Becken
Dialogue Co-Convenor and Director of the Griffith Institute of Tourism
Dr. Peiyi Ding
Dialogue Co-Convenor and Deputy Director of the Tourism Confucius Institute